Monday, March 29, 2010

Team Carlos... 8th place.

"Who are the boca burgers for? Yeah, that girl looks like she's a vegetarian."

Thank you? I guess I will take that as a compliment.

This is what I wore to the barbecue on Saturday. It was gloriously warm, and I didn't need a jacket until after the sun set. I enjoyed veggie burgers, cocktails, and a bar games tournament. My team came in last place in the tournament of darts, bean bag toss, and pool. :( The boy was paired up with my friend Kat though, and came in second place. He's amazing at darts, while I have been know to injure bystanders up to 10 feet away. Such is life.  I hope your weekends were equally lovely.

XO Robyn

Sun Glasses: Vintage
Dress: Hemmed vintage. (Will be added to the shop in the next few weeks.)
Bag: Thrifted vintage.
Boots: Forever 21
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