Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunshine of your love

Five Things I Love Friday; These are my current obsessions.

1. Dandelions

Images Sources: Weheartit

I chased one of these down last week, and I have been wishing for more ever since. It is exciting to spread these weeds by sending them off into the wind. My favorite thing about them is that Chris (my boyfriend, for new readers) thinks they are my favorite flower. I look forward to the day he tries to fetch me a bouquet of them

2. Fluffernutter Sandwiches

Here                                      Here                                   Here

Random craving of the week. I am nervous about buying marshmallow fluff though. I feel like it will begin with one fluffernutter sandwich, and end with me eating the remainder of  the tub with a spoon.

3. Top Hats

Image Sources: Weheartit

My accessories closet is in desperate need of a top hat. I may never wear it out in public, but it would be perfect for styling vintage party dresses. Who am I kidding? I would wear it out all the time.

4. Vintage(y) Suitcases

Here                                                        Here                                      Here

Here                                                                  Here

Here                                      Here                                             Here

Here                                                Here                                          Here

Here                                                              Here

Vacation time! I am booking a trip to visit my friend Kat (Katdaddy Doll Face, if you are feeling formal) in Colorado late next month. I should have booked it Monday, but time has gotten away from me. Sorry Kat. Anyway, I ruined my vintage carry on bag with a tiny exploding bottle of conditioner last year. Now I am in search of a replacement. Look at all these perfect options.

5. This Photo

Cute baby turtle. So cute. Can't articulate thoughts. So cute.

Have a great weekend.
XO Robyn
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